I know it's been too long, but inspiration has been lacking. The weather this Winter has been wet and cold. So much so that my snow blower has been let loose from the garage three times already. Despite that I did actually get the opportunity in the beginning of February to ride twice at very short distances. In a strange coincidence it was both of my red riders who are the smallest vehicles in the class of the garage. The 250 Honda Nighthawk hit the daylight first for a short run into Town followed by the 170cc Tiyen scooter which did likewise. 
Mostly my two wheeled friends have only been roaring to life once a week, to keep the gas moving, in an attempt to thwart the ethanol gas from clogging up the lines and carburetor fuel jets. It's been successful so far as all my friends fire up and after a little warmup idle happily away. 
The first events of the year are still a couple of months away but there are always milk and grocery runs upcoming as the weather warms. That being the case you'll be hearing from me more often.