I hope I didn't lseem like a curmudgeon in the last installment because the electronic age has its perks. See the elderly faces in the video? That is my Mom and Dad hamming it up in the music video icon. How they got there is pure cyber.

Several months ago a Facebook friend asked if anyone knew of a couple who had been married more than 50 years and were “still active”. If there was ever a more likely description of my Parents, Ed and Doris, I couldn't come up with it. I can hardly ever catch them at home. If they're not bowling or at the Senior Center running things they just might be someplace where Dad is singing and entertaining. I always tell people if they want to catch them on the phone it has to be before 8:30 in the morning. Otherwise, at 88 and 89 years old, they are off and running.

This friend submitted their names to the Today Show which wanted to do an installment about Sweetheart Couples who were married for over a half century and as luck would have it Mom and Dad were the longest married couple in the group at 68 years of wedded bliss. While the interview on the Today Show was short they were mostly a part of the music video with Ingrid Michaelson. Mom and Dad had the memory of a lifetime in the making of the video which was staged with several retakes of each scene.

In the end they were driven off in a Porsche Carrera which probably has the tiniest back seat in creation and it took a couple of young people to get Mom out of the car. They have thanked me and described their experiences several times.

It all started from a Facebook post.