Well it finally happened. A Bike Night in Kingston at Ole Savanah restaurant. The temperature was in the upper 70's and the skies were a lovely blue making it a great night for a gathering. When I heard that the event was taking place I pondered for a few days which bike to take. The Kawasaki won the drawing and justified its choice with perfect behavior on the trip there and back. Even more so as I crossed the Kingston Rhinecliff Bridge. The American flag on the bridge was flying straight without slack as the breezes blew fairly strong. If I had been on one of the lighter bikes it would have been a struggle as they get pushed around easily going across. The Kawasaki, at 550 pounds, barely feels the wind. I gave it a pat on the gas tank after we went across to thank it for the easy ride.
When I arrived Ole Savanah was jumping with a large collection of motorcycles and people. They were also offering free appetizers which were delicious so the mood was quite happy. People were talking, music was playing and the sound of new arrivals on Big V-Twins filled the air.

I only hung around for a half hour as I had other things to do at home and really just wanted to ride the Kawasaki. Leaving Kingston took another crossing of the Kingston Rhinecliff Bridge, which was fine. Sometimes I ride down 9W to Highland and cross the Mid Hudson Bridge into Poughkeepsie but I like the scenery off the KR Bridge in late afternoon so I opted for that. After another great ride home, the Kawasaki singing its four cylinder song the whole way, I pulled in with my mood lightened by the experience. More rides are coming and I can only hope the weather obliges for each of them as it did that night.