That's a strange title, isn't it? Bear with me while I explain. A few weeks ago, the weekend of Tropical storm Ian, there was an event to benefit the local Police K9 Unit. The weather and Doppler radar reports said that rain would not arrive until later that afternoon. After much stalling and hesitation I finally made my way to the event on my Honda Nighthawk. In the off chance that the weather turned unexpectedly I wanted my smallest motorcycle under me.
    I arrived with about ten minutes left before registration was scheduled to close and only saw one motorcycle sitting there. Apparently the rest of the local motorcyclists were leery of the overcast skies and stayed home. While I waited to see what would happen a third rider appeared. Obviously there would be no ride and as we prepared to leave the organizers appeared and announced that they had three plaques that were supposed to go to the three best looking bikes. Since we were the only ones to appear my dusty, crusty and rusty Honda received the third place plaque for best looking bike.
    Two weeks later there was a ride starting in Saugerties for a local charity. It was pretty chilly that morning so I opted to take the big scooter as it has the best wind chill protection. It started, settled into a nice idle and we soon took off for Ulster County. After I crossed the Kingston Rhinecliff Bridge I stopped for gas. As I prepared to leave the scooter refused to start. The battery was dead, much to my chagrin. The good news was I had my lithium booster on board to start it with. The bad news was it was too late to go home and get another bike. I wasn't going to spend the day pulling off the seat and attaching the booster on the ride at each stop along the way.
    I got home safely and as consolation I got to to take the new red scooter on a thirty mile round trip fetching items from stores in Poughkeepsie. It was quite dismaying to miss two events in a row. One canceled due to weather and the other due to mechanical inability. As they say, "There's always next year" since the Saugerties ride is usually the last organized ride of the season.
    As further consolation Linda and I spent this past weekend in Fairport,NY with my brother Bill and his Wife Toni. It was a great time complete with good food and good company. The drive there and back was sunny and we had fun catching up with all the latest news that we all had to report.
    The weather report for the next days forthcoming is warm. I should be able to get out for solo rides through the countryside so the riding season isn't over just yet. I'll let you know how it turns out.