The weather has been off and on for months now so a serious ride hasn't been in the cards. The occasional milk run or short hop around the neighborhood has been all I've been able to do. Except two weeks ago. The temperature had climbed into the sixties and the sun was shining brightly. I decided to free the CF Moto scooter and do a run towards Salt Point on the very pleasing local roads. Now I've been living here for almost eight years and was pretty sure I had most of the roads I usually do memorized. Except that day.
I was riding up a road out of Salt Point intending to turn off on Hollow Road which would bring me towards home. About the time I thought I would be at the turn I came upon an unfamiliar store. I turned anyway and suddenly found myself on a road that resembled a roller coaster. The scooter is not my best weapon for short tight turns followed by sudden uphill climbs. A good five speed manual works best for me but those machines were residing in my garage at that moment. After a good twenty minute tussle the road ended and I thought I had taken the proper turn towards home. Nope.
In fact I had turned away from home and suddenly recognized where I was, heading in the wrong direction. Rather than turn around I continued on and soon found myself at a familiar spot. From there I headed home. My intended ride had doubled in time and mileage by the time I reached the garage. Still, it was a good ride and the scooter had shaken off most of its cobwebs. Next time I do that trip I will be packing five speeds and more horsepower.