In my years as a rider I always looked at road tests in magazines and thought to myself, “Gee, I think I would like that bike.” Fortunately I have always had a significant other who made me hold the notion of owning multiple motorcycles in check. With Sara's passing I have lost the guiding light of common sense and fallen into a syndrome called Multiple Bike Disorder or MBD for short.

The week after she passed I let myself fall into the trap of accepting the red Honda Nighthawk, in the video above, into my life. As previously noted it suffered numerous flaws but I managed to get it running. I had accepted that the Nighthawk might never function prematurely and in a fit of “Need for Speed” I purchased the 750cc Kawasaki. I had been trying to juggle the possibility that Jimmy will make good on his inference that he would like to get into Motorcycling more actively with the plans of having other people go on rides with me when they visit. Sara left her Honda Rebel to my daughter Cheryl and I wasn't comfortable with the notion of lending it out to others. So a search ensued in pursuit of two ideas. One, find a mild mannered motorcycle for casual riders and Two, see if I could get Sara's bike back into my herd.

The answer was to find another Honda Rebel. I did. Same model, color and mileage appeared in Craigslist and is now in my garage. I managed to get Cheryl to swap me for Sara's bike with the proviso that I find a windshield for it.

So now I have seven functional scooters/motorcycles in the garage. I will make an effort this coming riding season to determine which I actually will use regularly and which will be released. It should be an interesting story.