I was inspired the other day by another blogger who stepped away from a strictly scooter motif to offer opinions on different issues. So here it is.

Make no mistake about it I enjoy the advantages of modern technology over the primitive ways of the past. In having a computer and the internet I have news, sports, weather and the ability to communicate at my finger tips. I can buy goods that used to require lengthy drives and long waits for delivery. No more. All manner of items can be purchased and acquired in days at a highly reasonable cost. I can message and e-mail friends and relatives and it has helped me speak to people I haven't seen in years.

This technology has at least one down side in my opinion. It undermines the value of live contact.

I love talking to people, even strangers. Some of my best conversations have been in places where I shop, buy gas or eat. I have made many new friends by taking up the gauntlet and daring to speak to someone new. I met all the women in my life by having the courage to dare and get their attention with a witty observation or compliment. It's how people have done it for a millennium.

I have observed that many younger people rely almost exclusively on their electronic devices to engage with others. The art of conversation is now done in abbreviated “Text Speak” and conversations are edited and corrected before being sent. That might be a good thing but it does take away from humor people share in a misspoken word or thought that occurs in person.

What I also see is less live interaction. I have observed young people messaging while playing video games or texting, while messaging, while playing video games, instead of getting out and meeting and greeting people. Life is out there, not in a black box. My best times in life have been outside. Put the cell phone down, turn off the computer and go do something. It gives you memories.