They say you can't have too much of a good thing but I think I have to disagree. The number of two wheelers in my possession just shot up to eight. Lest you think I went out and bought another vehicle, rest assured that is not the case. It was out for repairs has now returned and is taking up space. This one has a long story that I hope ends soon.

Before Sara passed away I purchased this Kymco scooter to fix up and sell. It quickly became a small money pit that threatened to get worse and I lost interest in working on it. The short version of the story is that it was hard to start and had a generator problem. I took it to a local ATV/snowmobile shop to let them tackle the repairs. Upon completion of the generator repair, the shop discovered a motor problem requiring some new engine pieces. The bill for that has pushed the expenses of fixing and buying it beyond what I could get when I sell it. It will be a loss but I didn't buy it to keep.

I even had to clean out a spot in the basement for it. My garage is clogged with gas powered machines and I just bought a new snow blower so something had to give up its place. Now I have too much stuff and I'll have to decide what stays and goes. It should be an interesting process.