In case you were spared the scourge we were hit hard by storm Stella and my bikes have been parked. In addition we have health issues to deal with so riding has been curtailed. I recently wrote about using my snow blower and how it substituted for riding. Let me tell you, Stella tested my machine. We received over two feet of white stuff and the new snow blower even chewed into drifts higher than itself.
How bad was it here? My smallest Yorkie was in snow over her head until I dug a run. Phoebe, my Black Lab, actually jumped off the steps into the back yard and did a face plant. She came in with snow stuck to her face. It was bad.
Happily I can report that by now semi warm weather has melted most of it but the memory remains. Next Winter we will have to do some weather proofing to keep the snow out of undesirable places. Happily our snow removal equipment did well but it wasn't easy. Spring can't come soon enough.