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The Good Side

Posted by Jim Zeiser on Saturday, February 20, 2016,

I hope I didn't lseem like a curmudgeon in the last installment because the electronic age has its perks. See the elderly faces in the video? That is my Mom and Dad hamming it up in the music video icon. How they got there is pure cyber.

Several months ago a Facebook friend asked if anyone knew of a couple who had been married more than 50 years and were “still active”. If there was ever a more likely description of my Parents, Ed and Doris, I couldn't come up with it. I can hardly eve...

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Life In A Box

Posted by Jim Zeiser on Wednesday, February 10, 2016,

I was inspired the other day by another blogger who stepped away from a strictly scooter motif to offer opinions on different issues. So here it is.

Make no mistake about it I enjoy the advantages of modern technology over the primitive ways of the past. In having a computer and the internet I have news, sports, weather and the ability to communicate at my finger tips. I can buy goods that used to require lengthy drives and long waits for delivery. No more. All manner of items can be purchas...

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My Ride

Jim Zeiser If you wish to comment my e-mail address is I'd like to hear anything-good or bad-that anyone would like to say. As they said in college, we're all lifelong learners.


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