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Itchy Fingers

Posted by Jim Zeiser on Thursday, February 23, 2012,
The weather lately has not been conducive to riding at all. Since I last wrote I haven't been near the riding stock to start or service them. If the day hasn't been too cold then it's been raining or flurrying. After Valentines Day I'd like to think that the likelihood of a blizzard or heavy snow is about done with. I haven't fired up the snow thrower in weeks but then again I haven't listened to the sounds of thunder from the Yamaha in a few weeks either. I have been given permission to buy ...
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Posted by Jim Zeiser on Tuesday, February 7, 2012,
I just had to do it. I took the scooter to work today after numerous times promising myself I'd do it. It wasn't the best weather for a ride but I've gone in worse. The trip there was chilly, but uneventful, and I had some of my best gear on for the ride. Since it has a front skirt my legs and feet were out of the wind but my hands were right out there. Of course when I got to work the "occasional flurries" began and continued most of the day. The flakes didn't accumulate but did dampen the r...
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My Ride

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