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Posted by Jim Zeiser on Thursday, June 23, 2011,
If I had to describe the way the Big Ruckus behaves I would have to say it's the most unscooterlike scooter I've ever been around. Of course I'm not an authority but I have two other scooters in the garage and the BR is not like them at all. First off it doesn't have a flat footboard in the middle of it to move your feet around on, only the two footboards on either side like a cruiser motorcycle. It's also much lower to the ground and sits like a conventional motorcycle unlike the sit up posi...
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A Minor Milestone

Posted by Jim Zeiser on Monday, June 13, 2011,
As most of you know I use the Big Ruckus sparingly but it does get used. Lately I use it most to fetch groceries from Town and see doctors in Binghamton. Today on one grocery run I noticed the odometer passing 2,245 miles. While this is hardly a large amount of miles, few in comparison to the Kawasaki's 20,000+, it did mark a minor milestone  of sorts. When I  received the scooter out of the dusty clutches of the trailer that held it, the odometer read 1,745 miles. It didn't run and hadn't ru...
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My Ride

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