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The Conundrum

Posted by Jim Zeiser on Sunday, February 20, 2011,
In about a week I'll be facing a dilemma  that will really have me tossing in my sleep-maybe. It's possible that the paperwork issue with the Honda Big Ruckus will finally be fixed and I'll have to decide what I keep and what to sell. I'm not like these people who have different bikes for different days of the week. I can only afford to keep one bike around at a time for major riding and the scooter for short hops into town. If I sort out the paper mess on the Honda either it or the Kawasaki ...
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Keeping In Touch

Posted by Jim Zeiser on Tuesday, February 8, 2011,
Last year I let this site sit idle for the same reason you haven't heard from me in seven weeks. It's thirteen degrees outside and there's a foot and a half of snow in front of the garage. Obviously not riding weather. It's paining me not to be able to ride as the price of gas reaches $3.50 a gallon but I'm neither a masochist or a glutton for punishment. The roads are covered in snow more often than not and it's been in the twenties since the beginning of December. I was starting the bikes f...
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My Ride

Jim Zeiser If you wish to comment my e-mail address is I'd like to hear anything-good or bad-that anyone would like to say. As they said in college, we're all lifelong learners.


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