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A New Year

Posted by Jim Zeiser on Friday, December 31, 2010,
With the new year on the horizon it's time to look back and reflect. This was the year I got to take a long ride on the Kawasaki and do the MSF Experienced Rider Course in New Jersey, even staying overnight in a hotel. I purchased two scooters as speculation, although I might keep one, and rode all the two wheeled creatures in my fleet at least once. Let's see, that's two motorcycles, three scooters and two mopeds. All of which are running soundly.
Sara had her biggest year ever on her Honda R...
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Road Tests

Posted by Jim Zeiser on Sunday, December 19, 2010,
I finally got a chance to hit the road with the Lance and prove out the repair to the electrical system. Last week I took it for a short run in between rain storms up and down the road in front of the house. It cooperated nicely and didn't hesitate or threaten to stall even once. I felt quite happy with the results and put it back in the basement to stay warm and cozy.
Today it was a balmy twenty seven degrees outside and I needed milk from the local convenience store so I decided this would b...
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Posted by Jim Zeiser on Sunday, December 5, 2010,
Someone once said life is made up of meetings and partings. I'll have a parting in a little while. I mentioned to someone that I had a scooter for sale at a reasonable price and he surprisingly said, "sold". I hadn't really expected that so today I settled down and got to work replacing the fuel line and CDI unit on the "Charming". I moved it indoors since the weather has gotten so mean lately and with plenty of light and heat working on it was nearly a breeze. I removed the plastic panels th...
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My Ride

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