So far this season I have done two local events. Both were dedicated to suicide prevention. This one also started in Poughkeepsie at a local bar and I have done it a few times. I decided to take the Honda Nighthawk again since it is the lighter of the two motorcycles and does pretty well in a big ride for its size. 
I got to the start about an hour early and watched the number of motorcycles arriving grow in number to a fairly well attended event. While American V-Twins predominated there were a good amount of other types and brands present. I picked up a sheet with the route directions printed on it and could see that we were going to be traveling on many roads I was familiar with. All were twisty and challenging but quite scenic. The pace was quite calm for the most part and the little Honda was able to keep up handily.
We returned to a private club on the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie that I had never been to before. Abundant food was waiting for us and I took a hot dog and burger to eat at home. It was an excellent day. The ride was great, the weather was clear with pleasant temperatures and I was pretty happy about the whole day. Even the ride home was nice with little traffic and cooperative traffic lights. All in all a day to remember.