So much to say. A Long time ago, in a place far, far away, I was an active motorcyclist. Not just a daily commuter piling up a respectable stack of miles, but a recreational rider too. I am a member of the American Motorcyclist Association for what I recently discovered is forty-six years. I was also a member of the South Shore Motorcycle Club in Amityville, New York which was established in 1931. In my younger days I raced motocross and competed in Timed Road Runs, Field Meets, Poker Runs and a few Field Trials. That's not to mention annual trips to Laconia, New Hampshire to see Road Racing. As you can see I used to ride a lot.

I tailed off on it because of life's responsibilities and the need to trim expenses. Going away on all day events took me away from family and money was tight. In moving here to upstate New York I was away from familiar clubs, events and people to ride with. I was fine with that. My life with Sara was fulfilling and I used a scooter or motorcycle to get to work, doctors appointments and the odd errand or two.

With Sara gone I've gone a little nutty with a huge fleet of motorcycles in the garage having purchased three since her passing. While I have plans to take solo adventures I wanted to connect with a bike club in the region and have found one in the Hudson Highlands Retreads Motorcycle Club in Oneonta. The Retreads are riders who have advanced beyond the age of forty. Their patches have the words XL Plus on them using the Roman Numerals XL to indicate the required age, not that you have to be an Extra Large person to join.

This morning I attended their monthly breakfast at the Oneonta American Legion Hall to see what they were about. A seemingly nice group they welcomed me warmly and were interested in my background. They do a fair amount of riding and Tour to various places during the riding season. I don't know if I'll do them all but it will be nice to have a group to ride with. I have a little experience with running events and hopefully I can contribute to the annual Poker Run they promote each year.

From what I gather they all ride large motorcycles so my Kawasaki 750 will come in handy. I'm betting the stories I collect this coming season should amuse all of you so it will be a worthwhile endeavor. I'll bet Sara would even approve.