Years ago a buddy of mine, Glyn, and I used to say that when things went our way unexpectedly. Today was one of those times. The last few days have been unseasonably mild but the end is near. The weather forecast says it will get colder in the coming days so my fleet will be settling in for a long winter's nap until Mother Nature loosens her grip. Yesterday I had the chance to hop on the Honda for a run into Town while the mercury hovered in the mid thirties and thought that was it. Today I was staring at about thirty degrees and cloudy.
I don't need much prodding to drag out something with two wheels and after a dinner malfunction occurred the opportunity presented itself. I hadn't used the 150cc scooter, Lazarus, in a while and it was the perfect vehicle for the occasion so out it came. I was enjoying the ride and only aware of the slight chill when something else made itself known. Light flakes began to fall as I cruised along. There weren't enough to give me pause but the odd flake stuck to my face shield. I was home in a brief amount of time and very satisfied that I had taken yet another ride in the winter season when the snow began to fall even more. I took my herd of dogs out for a walk in the yard and noted that in addition to increased snowflakeage the whiteness was sticking to various parts of the driveway and flat surfaces of the automobiles. As I watch now the lawn is whiting up a bit and the Doppler radar is showing lake effect snow building in the region. Hah! I beat it!. I finished off the year with a short run, used three of the four bike fleet in December and have a fist full of memories to keep me warm during the dark days to come. You gotta like it! By the way, Happy New Year to all.