I get really down this time of year about not being able to ride the bikes. If it isn't too cold or snowing then the road salt on the streets keeps my bikes in the garage. What has me hopeful for the coming season is that the local motorcycle group (hvbikers.com) is building momentum and listing rides in the area for the coming Spring. There is even talk of starting a weekly gathering in some location in the Hudson Valley to rekindle the spirit of the departed Marcus Dairy Superbike Sunday. That event occurred in Danbury, CT, and it wasn't out of the ordinary for several hundred bikes to arrive each week. A thousand bikes wasn't unusual on some days. If it happens be sure I'll have pictures and a report for you.

Linda has a new grandson in her family. The baby was born two days before Christmas and is doing well. This makes seven Grandchildren for Linda and I, which just happens to be how many children were in my family growing up. Christmas was a loud, boisterous affair at her son's house with all but one of the grandchildren in attendance. It was quite festive.

Trips to Long Island have slowed down with the risky weather and we haven't been down there since New Years. Traffic wasn't too bad on that trip since many people were on vacation. We have been able to cut down on that run since my younger brother has been taking care of Mom. We plan on a trip soon though to be supportive.

Spring can't come soon enough even though the lawn is a sleeping giant. Outdoor tasks will abound and riding will reconvene. IN the meantime stay warm and safe.