As I noted in my last post, the weather had granted us a one-day special. Of course we're paying it for it now. This past Monday we had a small amount of snow and ice and the temperatures plummeted back into the teens and twenties.Last night was even worse and a White Christmas is very possible. If I took last week's video and updated it in the same spot the ground would be covered in a thin layer of white and the thermometer would read "21" degrees. These are the days when you make a trip out to the garage every so often to sigh and fire up a scooter or motorcycle just to make sure it's still with us. My big scooter is on a trickle charger, the 50cc bike has its kick start lever installed and the Rebel and 150cc scooter both cooperate by starting with a push of the button.
I'm hoping for several thirty degree days in the coming months so I can do my errands and grocery runs with something on two wheels. My car is nice, has heat, but it's just not the same as a good ride on my Chinese two wheelers.