Yes, I know it's not winter until Friday but when it's 32 degrees outside and I ride, that's close enough. I needed to get a few groceries at the store and even though it was tempting to take the minivan I decided that I was taking the 50cc grocery getter. I was dressed warm enough for a seven mile ride but I had a few minutes there at the start to make me wonder. You know how you feel when you jump in a pool on a hot summer day. It feels like a refrigerator for a minute until you get used to it, unless you just filled the pool with water. Then you stay cold. Anyway, I could feel the air blowing through my pant legs for a few minutes and it made me think of going back for the car. I'm glad I didn't.
The bike and I made it to the store in town just fine and I purchased what I needed and was on my way to the next destination. The local Family Dollar store has been a major blessing in our life. Soda, dog treats and other items are much cheaper than the grocery store in town. I filled up with Coca-Cola at "3 twelve packs for $10", which in the case of the mini motorcycle means three packs. That same thing would cost me over $15 in the local grocery. I took my purchases out to the bike and filled the crate with one bag hanging off the handlebar and another hanging off the back.
One of the local bikers pulled up in his car and asked me what I was doing out in the chill? I had told him the week before that I don't ride in miserable weather and it was coming back to bite me. He laughed and said, "Riding gets in your blood, you just need to get out once in awhile."
As usual when I'm fully loaded I took the scenic route home along the Delaware River. The wind was in my face and my little bike was working hard between the wind and the load. For a 50cc bike to run along hovering at 40 mph is pretty good and the whole trip probably took about five minutes longer than it would in the car. Not only that but I can pull up closer to the house to unload with the bike. For a trip up here in the frozen north, six days before Christmas, it was a good one. I even fired up the big scooter for a few minutes in the garage and sat on it, blipping the throttle and dreaming of a warm Spring day. The riding season is getting closer.
Happy Holidays to all of you. Next year will be a good one, just you see.