At the moment it's been very hard to get out and ride but things are looking up. In this area we were struck by both Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. Rivers overflowed, streams were gorged and it rained for days. Fortunately we have a Honda generator and were living off it for five straight days. It kept our fridge cold and a few lights going. We were lucky to have the internet to keep us entertained while the radio and TV were without power. Now I'm dreading the end of the riding season as gas prices have stayed at or near $4.00 a gallon. 
I recently did a count of how many two wheel miles I've done since the start of the season. It comes to around 3,320. I've done more in my life, but not recently, and certainly not for the same reason. If I did those same miles in the minivan I would have used about 166 gallons. Using my two wheeled fleet I've gone through less than 50 and saved about $450. That's a good couple of weeks take home pay at my current job so I've viewed this riding season as a raise in pay on the job.   
The Chinese scooter has been my main source of transportation and has survived the 35 mile round trips to work quite well. It's needed a little attention in terms of repair and maintenance over these past few months but nothing costly or overly time consuming. It should reach 6,000 miles on the odometer before the season ends which would be a total of 2,400 for the time.  Given the towering cost of fuel and the miles I've had to ride it's been a blessing