If there's one thing I rejoice in lately it's been the weather around here this Summer. Last year the Summer was more like Spring. I would bundle up in winter gloves and a scarf when I went to work at five in the morning. Seeing temperatures in the forties was pretty normal and made the commute uncomfortable. This Summer has been completely different. Morning temperatures have hovered in the upper fifties to lower sixties in the early morning hours and I have used my light leather gloves and left the warmer gloves sitting on a shelf. Even the neck warmer I was forced to use on many mornings has remained tucked away.

I saw recently in another Blog how the author waxed poetic about the magic of riding at sunrise. I would have to concur with his thoughts. This time of year the sun rises not long after I get to work but the light show preceding the sun's appearance on my way in is quite dazzling. The sky is generally dark at first but around half way to work the sky starts to turn a lighter blue. Puffy white clouds become more distinct and the scenery at the side of the road begins to lighten. From nothing more than a tunnel created by my headlight the world appears. I can see further in front and to the side making the ride more interesting and less of a struggle for sight.

The big scooter adds to the moment. It has an excellent windshield in front of me that deflects fog and creates a bubble of air where I'm sitting. On many motorcycles I would have condensed water fogging my helmet's faceshield and my pants and gloves would begin to dampen from the condensed fog. In cooler temperatures this would be very uncomfortable.

Even better than the current temperatures, I see the warmth is stretching out into the coming week and beyond. This bodes well for an extended season. I may be riding into late October which would make me very happy. To put this into perspective we aren't closing our swimming pool for awhile. Last year we covered it up and said Goodbye early in August.

I'm pretty happy the Summer is cooperating and any day I can ride is a good one.