In my last post I listed all the difficulties we were experiencing in moving into our new home in Hyde Park. I can happily say all has been overcome and I am now sitting in Hyde Park pounding out this prose. Linda was able, with a short but firm e-mail, to seemingly move all the impediments aside and make everyone commit to a closing date for the house. In a less than precise meeting, with some people arriving two hours late, papers were signed, checks distributed and all parties paid. The very next day the moving company stormed Linda's apartment to carry off her worldly possessions like invading Huns and delivered them to Hyde Park. That night we slept in our new home, both of us exhausted from the experience.
Now begins the agonizing process of emptying and selling off the house in Deposit. Jimmy and Philip both have rooms available here but have different agendas. Jimmy plans to move in with us while searching for a broadcasting job out in the world. Philip has decided that life in the Finger Lakes suits him and is looking for an apartment in that area to seek out a job and a future. We have wished him well and will help in the move. My faithful minivan is big enough to carry much that he needs to begin his new life away from Deposit.
We still have a lot to do here in setting up and waiting for a Contractor to finish painting and flooring. The stories will be numerous and certainly amusing. I may even have a tale of motorcycles moving to add to the intrigue. Don't go away.