This post surgical recovery period has just been the worst. Every day that I look out and see the sun tempts me to climb aboard and ride one of the bikes. I did succumb one day and rode to KMart to pick up a prescription. It felt good. Mostly I have just been checking oil levels and air pressures in the tires in anticipation of being let loose by my Doctor. So far the temperatures outside have been fairly moderate and not turned to the cold, dank days I anticipated. Maybe we'll have a better winter than was expected.
On another front, I'm going to look at a car we might buy tonight. It's yet another 2005 Scion xB, the family favorite. While not the prettiest car ever built, it rides very nicely and has a ton of passenger room inside. It's the same color as one I previously owned that met an untimely end in a meeting with a snow plow. It's being sold by the original owner and he sounds like he took care of the car according to maintenance schedules. It certainly will be pampered here. We like to keep things for a long time.
Beyond that it's been a very quiet time and my fleet has been comparatively idle. Not so my car though. This past week it's been driven seven hundred miles. A trip down to Long Island to retrieve my daughter's pets and a run to Keuka College to see my son in a play added several miles to its resume. For a 1997 vehicle the minivan runs truly well and gets better than expected fuel mileage on a road trip. It's amazing how well things run when you take care of them.