Yesterday I just had to know if there was anyway I could ride the Chinese scooter, now. I took a big freezer bag, put my hand in it and drew the slide tab over to tighten it against my wrist. Now I had a plastic mitten to keep my hand a little warmer than if it was bare. I put my hand on the scooter's handlebar and-voila-I could grasp it effectively. Today I went out and took a little ride into Town and was able to ride fairly confidently.Overall I rode only eight miles but it told me what I wanted to know. I can ride to work on it and not be saddled with my gas guzzling car. I would have ridden to wok today with that knowledge, but rain is both in the forecast and on the radar heading this way. Tomorrow's forecast is for sun so I'll use it then. I'm just happy to be back in the saddle again.