I had the opportunity to do some errands the other day and not use my car for one single mile of the fifty miles that I traveled. The first part of the journey involved going to the veterinarian to pick up pills for my ten year old Yorkie. I don't need a great deal of cargo capacity for a pill bottle so the scooter was the perfect vehicle. It was a nice day besides and I had enough time that I didn't need to worry about the extra twenty or so minutes using it would take me over traversing the distance in my car or motorcycle. 
The second trip did require some cargo carrying and for that I've created a gas saving vehicle that works just fine. One of the mopeds now has a milk crate secured where the passenger seat was and it can handle a fair amount of groceries. I use it when I need to carry more objects than I think I can handle on the scooter. These days I'm running the moped at 30 mph so the trip into town to the grocery store doesn't take much longer than it does to do it on the scooter. When I was done at the store I had filled the box and the little bike handled the load just fine, 
I burned much less than a gallon of gas between the two of them for the fifty miles and enjoyed the ride on both of them. Not only that but my cars sat in the driveway and were spared wear and tear. It was beneficial for all concerned.