Ever since I got Galileo, the big scooter, it has served in more purposes than a commuter. I've used it for errands, bank runs and as a passenger vehicle. Sara likes the back seat and has ridden with me three times so far since I got it. Today was the longest ride yet. We set out under a slate gray sky to pick up some dolls that a friend of Sara' was doing some sewing on, and the air was damp and chilly. The scooter handled our weight and seemed more steady than usual in side drafts and when large trucks passed the other way. It did slow down on the bigger hills but was up to the task on the twisty roads and less imposing rises. We had a nice time visiting Sara's friend and then took off to the local KMart for needed items. Hurricane Sandy is on the way and our supply of flashlights is unavailable at the moment. We bought a pair in case they're needed along with shoes for a trip Sara will be taking.
Since it's next door to Kmart we stopped at McDonald's for lunch and some quiet conversation. It's nice to get out and spend some leisure time. Sara is beginning an enterprise and things have been hectic with all her preparations. All too soon it was time to get home and resume the daily rituals. We have energetic dogs and they get wound up if they don't get their minimum requirements of play time.
As we pulled into the driveway the thought popped into my head that his had been a very fun trip. As we pulled to a stop Sara said, "Fun", our way of expressing enjoyment. Great minds do think alike. It was the lengthiest ride we had ever taken together covering 59 miles. Sara and I both enjoyed Galileo's ability to carry items from a shopping tip. The rear trunk and top box swallowed the purchases with ease. Hopefully we'll get to do it again.