I won't keep you in suspense about them either. First, my daughter came to visit again and rode my recently repaired Chinese scooter. She found it so easy after learning how to shift and ride the 50cc bike she asked, "Why did you start me out on the hard one first?" I explained that the Chinese scooter was out of commission during her last visit, but she gave me the "why are adults so stupid" face. We rode into town twice, me on the 50cc bike and her on the scooter. Every time a biker going the other way waved at her bolstered her "Cool Meter" by many degrees.
The next big event was a lunch meeting with my long time friend Marc and his family. He and his wife were taking his daughter back to college upstate and were passing through at lunch time. We ate at Wendy's and caught up on bike news. Marc is a one of a kind Harley owner. He enjoys the mystique, likes the camaraderie of fellow owners and is happy to be riding the one bike he has always wanted.  He also appreciates the smooth, quiet refinement of the BMWs he has in his garage and knows that there's a place for both kinds of bikes in this world. He has a discerning eye and found my big scooter for me. I knew that his approval would indicate years of happy riding and so far he's been 100% correct.
Cheryl, my daughter, had an animated conversation with Marc's daughter about videos and games. They may as well been talking in Bulgarian for all I understood, but they were enjoying it. Lunch ended way too soon and they were on their way. I hope to see him again before the snowflakes fall.
Even though I didn't ride far it was a fabulous weekend. We polished it off with a trip to the local Ice Cream shop and watched the day fade into night. This has been a highly memorable summer.