Yesterday I had the rare opportunity of using three two wheeled conveyances in the fleet. It's always nice to be able to use some of the bikes for useful purposes and not just joyriding. My first trip was an unexpected call into work. The weather was quite nice and I felt like using the Big Ruckus as it seems to get pretty good gas mileage and maintains highway speed so there isn't the time penalty that using the Chinese 150 incurs. It covered the trip into work quite well and the gas gauge hardly blinked. It will be interesting to see how it's doing come the next fill up.
When I got home after work there was a shopping list waiting for me that could only be satisfied by the moped with the milk crate on the back. We needed two twelve packs of soda pop and some pet related items and nothing else has the carrying capacity of the moped, short of an automobile. It's always fun and challenging to ride and shift such a humbly powered machine. It runs along at thirty-five miles per hour quite readily these days and breathes a little heavily on the hillier bits. At 120 mpg it's like traveling for free in comparison to any car we have.
After dinner it became apparent that a gallon of milk was needed so the Chinese 150 scooter was pressed into service. At this point in its life it rolls along at 45 mph quite easily and gets into town quickly enough that a car trip for the same thing is just plain wasteful. It's easy to see why scooters are so popular around the world. As utility vehicles they have a lot of merit.
So I was able to travel and take care of business all day without using my car even once. I love the warm Spring weather.