I'm sitting here waiting for tomorrow's latest Nor'easter and wondering how hard my snowblower will have to work clearing the driveway. The worst one of the three we've had in the past three weeks left thirteen inches of white stuff on my walk and driveway. While I usually have a good time watching the machine hurl snow it's getting a little tedious removing it with such regularity.
What really has made all of this so annoying is that I got one good day to ride a bike before all these storms started. The Rebel coughed to life three weeks ago and reminded me how nice it is to ride to work. The sound of a twin cylindered motorcycle, even as small as the Rebel, just makes me smile. I recently coaxed my big Kawasaki to life and enjoyed the sound of its four cylinders slicing the air in my garage. After decades of motorcycle involvement I don't consider the sound of an engine as noise. To me it's mechanical music. So much so that the radio in my 2016 Scion has hardly ever been on and the presets for individual stations have never been set. I love to listen to the mechanical sounds it makes as we run down the road.
Hopefully this storm will be merciful and leave only a small amount behind. I can always hope.