The weather has finally started to cooperate and I'm starting to put some miles on my two wheeled vehicles. First off, the speedometer drive arrived for the Big Ruckus and with a little help from my electric impact gun and some juggling I installed it. The old one jammed one of the gears and stripped the teeth off another rendering the unit junk. Now I know how fast and how far I'm going again.
The Chinese scooter is getting a workout and I used it as a grocery getter numerous times last week in addition to taking it to work twice. It's ironic that it's being put to work in this manner since it was bought three years ago when the price of gas spiked as a weapon against the increase in gas prices. Every time I use it I save over a gallon and a half, which at this point is about six dollars. As the price rises it will save me even more. It loses me a small amount of time since it's not as fast as the car, but considering the savings in fuel it's more of an advantage than a loss.
I charged the battery in the Kawasaki and it fired right up and it's ready to go also. I still have to decide which I'm going to sell, the bike or the Honda scooter, but I want to wait for the title to arrive from the State for the Big Ruckus before I list anything for sale. In the meantime I'm awash in bikes and scooters to ride and once the weather really settles in I'll be saving money on fuel in a most convenient way.