In my garage the motorcycles/scooters all possess one matching quality. The engines are all older devices from a bygone era. Many of today's available two wheeled vehicles are absolute Science Fiction next to the bikes I possess. I suddenly came to that realization recently when I told somebody with a scooter similar to mine that his was a virtual antique. The big scooter is a copy of a design from 1985. Motorcycles go through big changes every five years or so but scooters aren't so blessed. Many ride on with lingering engine designs, some as old as mine.

It's what many of the people who buy scooters want. Simple, consistent performance instead of maximum output. As I have pointed out prior to this scooters are the equivalent of two wheel cars. Their owners are looking for a vehicle that gets them from Point A to Point B with little fuss. In that light my scooters and motorcycles are the perfect solution to commuting. Of course having something a little less civilized under you can keep you on your toes. At the moment I don't need the excitement.