I am sitting in a hotel room in Myrtle Beach, SC as I write this. The room overlooks the ocean and has been very comfortable. Linda and I were married in a beautiful ceremony this past weekend followed by an excellent reception. There was music and dancing and great food along with big smiles. Linda looked amazing in her wedding dress and was beaming the entire day. I've been told I didn't look bad either but there was no comparison between me and my bride. She was gorgeous, glamorous and glowing.
The staff was attentive the entire day. Partly because it's what they do and partly because the story of how we got back together captivated them. We were asked numerous times by the event planner and head of the Wait Staff if everything was satisfactory. It was a magical day.
The next day we drove down to Myrtle Beach and saw little traffic in all the major cities arriving in just over twelve hours. The last four days have been delightful. We have played miniature golf, swam in the pool, shopped and did many touristy things. Along the way we have eaten at numerous venues and visited with old friends of Linda. All the work and planning has yielded a marvelous time that will be in our memories forever. Thank you everyone who came to the wedding and supported us through these last hectic months. Special thanks to Erin whose spirit and smile made the wedding ceremony so memorable. It will be in our hearts forever.