The weather here is having fun with us but it certainly isn't funny. A week ago it became suddenly warm and had us thinking Spring was at hand. I even took the Honda Rebel to work one day. Of course the next day Mother Nature unleashed her fury on the region. High winds knocked out power and the roads were coated with wet, heavy and slippery snow. Trees fell, whole towns lost power and many schools have been closed for days. When Linda and I finally went out to clear the snow from the walk and driveway it was like lifting pounds of mashed potatoes. My snow blower clogged with wet snow and needed to have its chute cleared a few times. Today the snow has frozen and even my Black Lab can walk across the yard without breaking through. Just to add icing to the cake the weather report for Wednesday into Thursday is for even more snow. I guess the Ground Hog was right. Spring is a few weeks away.
It was nice to take the motorcycle to work on that one day though. The feel of the engine and the wind rushing past is always intoxicating. The Honda has no faults either. When I hit the starter button it fired up like it had just been running even though it hadn't been started in months. As a short run vehicle it is truly adequate and sips fuel. I find more to like about it each time I use it.
I'm hoping the weather turns nicer soon so I can enjoy riding again on a regular basis. Of course it will also mean that the lawn mower and I will become acquainted again but you have to make some concessions.