Occasionally I take the scooter on some trips that may defy the imagination but I feel if I'm going to keep it around it will have to play host to my odd fancies. The short explanation for that is that I took it on a second near eighty mile round trip recently and it was a blast. Now as you can see by the picture over on the right I have a perfectly good long distance machine in the Kawasaki, but it does long trips with the same ease that it does short trips to the grocery store. The scooter, on the other hand, requires using alternate routes, leaving more time for the trip and planing a gas stop along the way. 
This last trip was to have blood drawn at a hospital forty miles away and I wanted to make the trip interesting since the point of the trip was going to be unpleasant. Also, parking would be annoying and the scooter fits in nooks and crannies so I would be able to shorten up my walk to the facility by a good length. The weather was truly lovely and I had the road to myself for the most part in both directions. 
What I like the most is using a Chinese scooter to save wear and tear on my other equipment and save gas. It feels like you're getting away with something for free even though you do have to pay for gas at some point. Then again, how bad is it when you do an eighty mile trip and have to cough up $2.35 to fill the tank? That almost sounds like free money to me.