This passed weekend a Memorial Service was held for Sara at the North Rose Methodist Church. It was a fitting tribute for a brave and brilliant woman. In addition to most of Sara's family there were members of mine, numerous former school chums and people from the community that had known my lovely wife.

Her brother Christopher let his home be the headquarters for the Hoople reunion and it was noisy, filled and happy. It was a celebration in honor of the life Sara led with numerous stories and one liners culled from her association with Hoople siblings, nieces and nephews and the next generation in attendance.

After the gathering the most important event was pumpkin carving that displayed the artful side and ingenuity of the family. The end result were pumpkins with incredibly imaginative and humorous faces.

Sadly all the tributes are now past and we have to get on with life without the Boss. It will be difficult to carry on without Sara but life doesn't end for those left behind. The best we can do is honor her by doing the very best job we can in the days and years to come. God speed Honey, we miss you more than words can say.