I finally got to drag a few of the bikes out for the short ride to work. It makes for a good way to start and end the work day. My fleet has been suffering a little from disuse but have all started and run. The roads here are fairly scenic so the short ride is pleasant. I really enjoy the trip.
We finally got some good news today on the health front. Linda had to have some cardiac tests done in advance of back surgery. We sweated the results since the heart is a tricky thing. We saw the doctor today and were told her heart is fine and she can move forward with needed back surgery. It was welcome news.
I am slowly becoming accustomed to my new job at the local Kmart. The work is the same as my former job in Sidney but I also have to stock shelves and help "Members". It's always cool when you help them find what they're looking for. I would like to stay there for a while just to stay active. I always wonder what my former manager would think if she could see me now. We used to stay in the warehouse and leave customers to others. Now I have to help them too.