It's finally here! Yesterday was the unofficial start of Summer with Parades, fireworks and several momentous events to mark the beginning of the season. It's fitting that the members of the Military are honored as we begin to enjoy the benefits they've secured for us.

I hadn't had the chance to do any long rides or even commute to work this past weekend. Winter decided to strike with one, hopefully, last intrusion sending morning temperatures plunging into the thirty degree region. In the dark when I leave for work those numbers feel much colder than they might in brilliant sunshine. I have had the occasion to ride into Town for several grocery runs and this past Thursday attended a College Graduation for my daughter in Binghamton, using the big scooter to get there.

Once the morning temperatures moderate a little more I should be doing a lot more commuting to work on two wheels and saving gas money in the process. In these days of lower gasoline prices it's hard to keep in mind the savings I enjoy with them. I do have a few extra bucks leftover, even at these rates, when I use the bikes and more money in petty cash is always a good thing.

There will be a few maintenance tasks to perform this season but I was able to get all the bikes inspected so that task is done. Oil changes, new tires and chain lubing and adjustments await. Those should contribute to my writings and give my tools a workout. Stick around for the fun.