Years ago when I used to work at Grumman I commuted daily on two wheels. It was by way of Southern State Parkway and was twenty-five miles each way. In a good year I was putting about eight thousand miles a year on a bike. When I moved to Deposit between the weather and circumstances my mileage dropped considerably. These days I have a short commute to work, about fourteen miles round trip, so I won't be getting even close to my previous highs. The bad part is that the short ride is on some pretty good roads and when I get to work I would really like to keep on going.
The new job is going pretty well. Every aspect of it is the same as my former job at Sidney Kmart. I help unload trucks when they come in, help organize the warehouse after the unload and then put stock out on the shelves. What makes it different is that I have to help customers when they ask where items are. The thing that makes me laugh is how I remember where things are. I have to think where the merchandise is in Sidney, remember what department it's in and then convert it to the store I'm in. Fortunately having handled so many items in Sidney I have a working knowledge of where most things are.If I don't know there are so many associates who do.
I'm happy to report that Linda is feeling much better these days. Her affliction seems to have ebbed and she's slowly regaining mobility. Every time I come home from work she surprises me with what she did while I was gone. Big lunches are simmering on the stove, groceries appear from thin air and odd jobs around the house are being done. Linda is wearing herself out but isn't frustrated from being tied to a recliner anymore. We're hoping even more improvements occur.