I'm sitting here looking at another morning of rain, an Autumn morning I might add. Just like the Spring before the Summer the weather has been wet and cold. I've been lucky so far this week and gotten to use the scooter two out of three days. It always slays me to have to use the car since the difference in gas mileage is so outrageous but I won't ride in the rain. Besides the discomfort rain is like penetrating fluid. It gets water in everything and floats out the oil and grease. Years ago I knew a man who would virtually take his bike apart then regrease and oil everything if he got caught in the rain. I've never been that scrupulous. I just try to avoid riding in it and get home in a hurry if it starts. So far that's seemed to work for the present rolling stock. 
My little Yamaha has been one rolling conundrum after another. I've had to push it a couple of miles so far after it stalled out and wouldn't refire. The carburetor has been the main source of my irritation. Dirt and rust from the gas tank seems to find its way past the fuel filter I installed and clogs the jets. I then have to take it apart, cleaned the orifices and put it back together. Last Sunday I had an amusing time riding it for about an hour without it dying completely. I had to play with the choke to keep it running but it did keep going and seems to have the potential for highway speed. If I keep and tame it numerous extensive trips await.
The Big Ruckus still sits idle with a stuck shaft. I get itchy about it periodically but I don't have the technology to go any further and I really don't want to do any damage. I have plans that hinge on other items. Once in place, repairs will continue.