As riding seasons go this one has been fairly quiet. No runs to Danbury, no bike night in Sherburne and only one tire change. My fleet has been getting improvements though. The 1991 Nighthawk is in the shop right now having its directional signals fixed and the 2009 Honda Rebel had its rear tire replaced. The great thing about motorcycle parts these days is that most everything is available on the web. I don't even bother going to individual dealer websites for tires anymore. Most of them sell through Amazon and offer free shipping. Original parts from manufacturers can be gotten from sites like Cheap Cycle Parts, Bike Bandit or Motorcycle Superstore. I don't have to go to aggravating dealers whose parts people talk to you like you're brain damaged.
On the family side Linda is getting around better and terrorizing stores with her coupons and sales savvy. Coming home from work to hear about the latest "Adventures in Shopping" always puts a smile on my face. Her family dubbed her the coupon Queen. "She has a coupon for everything". This morning we did brunch at a local restaurant with a Buy One-Get One Half Off coupon. We save hundreds of dollars every year from her coupon clipping.
Winter is staring over the horizon and my fleet and I will be idled from riding for a while. Hopefully we all will get a mild season.-