It has finally happened. The weather is breaking and Spring is making a valiant attempt to rise from Winter's ashes. In the last week we have had a few days of temperatures in the fifties and I've been able to get out and do errands on the rolling stock. Yesterday was the crowning moment of the season thus far with temperatures in the sixties and it felt like a good time to roll out the big scooter, Galileo, and take it for a short ride into Town.

I had put a new battery in it over the Winter but first had to disconnect the scooter from its battery maintainer. The first time I ride it every year feels like I'm taking an ocean liner out of its dock. “Cast off the bow lines. Full reverse Mr. LaForge.” as I unplug the maintainer from the wall and the scooter's battery. Next comes the ceremonial rolling out of the garage. The only thing missing is confetti and a cheering crowd.

Once untethered the scooter started willingly and stiffly moved out the driveway to the street. It always takes a little bit to get it up to speed the first time as it dusts off the rust that formed over the Winter from the clutch. It gets damp out in the garage and many things acquire a slight patina over the dark, dreary days of the colder months.

I immediately enjoyed the one perk that riding something larger permits. While you still have to check the mirrors as you roll, vehicles don't approach you as rapidly from astern when you can do the speed limit and a little more. The smaller vehicles, while great fun, keep you on your toes looking out for and moving over when a logging truck rumbles up from behind.

My shopping list was short yesterday so it was easy to stow the purchases in the top box and the trunk of the big scooter. The only drawback to using the big scooter is that I get the trips over with quicker than I do on the smaller bikes so I was back at home in no time. Now all I can do is hope that the rainy season passes quickly and I can do more errands and commutes on my fleet. Yesterday reminded me just how glorious a good ride can be.