I'm hoping that this will be the first of many ride reports that actually involves more than a weather report. While today is gloomy and rain is about to start, yesterday was a peach. Sara and I knew that the weather was supposed to be in our favor so I had both bikes ready to ride. I disconnected my big scooter from the trickle charger and filled up Sara's Rebel with gas after starting them both to make sure they were ready to roll. Sara's bike always amazes me. I hadn't fired up the Honda in months and yet when I turned on the ignition the headlight practically burned a hole in the back wall. A little choke and it lit off like it had been running twenty minutes before. Amazingly enough the big scooter (Galileo) practically repeated the scene. Most of the time this past winter any time I started it the clutch would shriek as cold metal met cold metal in that mechanism.
Prior to that the Opening Ceremonies kicked off in a most appropriate way. At 6:40 in the morning a local rider wailed past on what Sara and I have dubbed the "6:50 Honda". The gentleman has fitted performance pipes on a 750cc Honda Interceptor that announce his coming long before he gets here. We can hear him going by from anywhere in the house. Most days he shrieks past at ten to seven but yesterday he was early. I know from additional sightings that he starts out at least twelve miles north of here and might start out even further. Once the 6:50 Honda starts to appear you know the riding season is in bloom.
I enjoyed my ride to and from work but Sara had to cancel her ride. She had to haul too many materials to night class and wisely chose to drive. The Honda is topped off and ready for service and will see a lot of action this season. Even though the forecast is for showers today a quick look at Doppler radar told me I had time to get in a quick shopping trip this morning on the 50cc bike. The ride was, as always, quite invigorating. I have to change the rear tire on Galileo-soon-and I'm mentally gearing up for that task. Reports will follow.