As I'm sure you noticed my last entry was a video of my daughter, Cheryl, riding the 50cc bike. That makes three generations of my family that have ridden motorcycles. My dad started shortly after the Second World War, I started in 1962 and over fifty years later my daughter has joined the club. Now I don't know when Cheryl will do it again but it's a start. She took the bike out on the local road, by herself, and said she really liked it. In her words, "I know I was gone for awhile but I kept riding further than I thought I would." The next time she comes here I'll have to go out with the big scooter.
Speaking of the big scooter. I've reached 945 miles in commuting travel. In terms of trips that's 27 commutes to work. The actual total of usage is even better. I'm approaching 5,600 miles on the odometer and should easily be at the 5,900 mile mark by months end. I bought the big scoot a year ago and picked it up on Long Island at the end of July with 1,900 miles on it. While 4,000 miles isn't epic it's more than I've put on two wheels in a year in quite a while. So far it's performed really well and saved me a ton of money in gas. Even just those 27 commutes add up to a saving of $162 in gas expense, not to mention the general wear and tear on my aging minivan. The fun in riding to work is just a bonus.