Somewhere else in web land these mopeds are generating a great deal of interest and enthusiasm. I must admit that I get a great deal of pleasure out of riding the one I've adopted as a partner. I use the black one occasionally and have outfitted it with a milk crate to carry a large quantity of groceries. Unfortunately it's third in line after the scooter and the Kawasaki so it only has about 330 miles on it after a year. 
Still I've heard from other people who've bought one and they love them. One person put 800 miles on it in only a short time while another raved about never needing anything else after buying one to replace a stolen Yamaha Zuma. I consider that high praise from someone who had a world class scooter. I had the occasion to adjust the valves on the black one at 180 miles and it was a snap. The valve cover screws off and it only took a few seconds to adjust the valves, unlike the three hour ordeal I go through with the scooter. 
I'm loving the fact that so far they haven't given me one ounce of trouble. Of course the scooter was trouble free for 1200 miles so I'll have to reserve judgement. Still if your looking for a solid 50cc grocery getter or something to ride to the train station this is a great bike. I love trying to make clean shifts with it, auto clutch shifting requires some finesse. Great bike.