I was charged with making lunch today and after filling glasses with milk noticed we were low. It was quite discouraging since I had gone out already on a grocery run but failed to notice we would need another gallon of milk before the day was out. It was thirty degrees and cloudy with an occasional flurry outside. I just couldn't bring myself to burn more gas in the cars so I decided to take the scooter. I was dressed warmly for the trip so except for the odd gust of wind the ride was fairly pleasant.
Just to make the trip completely worthwhile I also grabbed an envelope with a bank deposit. It's been a few weeks since I last rode and it reminded me, once again, just how enjoyable riding can be. Of course a scooter rider is an odd sight here in January so I wasn't surprised at the double take a State Trooper did as I rode past him in Town. I'm sure he hasn't seen anyone out riding in awhile and especially on a scooter. 
Right now it's snowing slightly more heavily so I may have unwittingly grabbed my last chance to ride for awhile. This winter, so far, has been fairly merciful and the spring riding season might just start in March this year. That would be so refreshing after having to wait until May most years. 
The last few times I went out to start the little Yamaha it fired right up so I'm also looking forward to some serious motorcycle riding also. That will give me plenty to write about.