Winter here in the Northeast is the biggest hindrance to riding anything on two wheels. If it isn't too cold or snowing there is a heavy coating of road salt waiting to eat up the bike. I haven't even bothered to start any of the bikes that are the crankiest and will hook up a battery charger later in March or early April that should coax them to life. The best bikes are the three Hondas out there. No matter how long I let them sit they usually crank and fire up in a matter of seconds. 
We have had to move quite a bit of snow already this Winter. If it's an inch or less, we shovel. Any more than that and I awaken the snow blower. It's so much easier with a two stage, self propelled machine than it is to push snow around by hand. My driveway here is pitched upward from the garage and following the snow blower is safer since you don't have to worry about your footing. Sometimes when I shovel I find myself sliding down the hill.
Hopefully Linda and I won't be doing snow removal so much this Winter. In the meantime I sigh every time I walk past the bikes. They will be coming to life soon. Of course I'll be complaining about mowing the grass so much but at least it will be warm out.