I sit here thinking about all the wonderful things poor Sara did in her lifetime and it makes me sad to think she's gone. As a teacher she affected the lives of scores of students. As a Mother she shaped the life of two boys and set them on the path to success. As a friend to many she brightened up their day with her wit and smile. As my wife she showed me that there are goals I should meet utilizing my potential and did her best to shake me from complacency to action. Sara was never happy with "Good Enough" and always pushed herself to higher plains. She was truly the smartest, hardworking woman I've ever met.
This past Friday we held calling hours at the local Funeral Home and over sixty people came to pay their respects. Many of her teaching colleagues, friends and family members were there to offer kind words, treasured memories and regret for her departure. A memorial Service will be held at the North Rose Methodist Church where she attended Sunday services, sang in the Choir and went to Sunday School, on October 10th. Family and friends will attend in great numbers to honor a beautiful, kind and talented woman. At a later date we will hold a quiet family trip to a designated spot to spread her ashes as per her request. I'll be sad to finally let go of her but joyful for being a part of her life. She was my guidepost, anchor and teacher.