Sorry for the delay in communicating but I have been so busy lately that writing here fell on the back burner. I have been searching for a new home in another part of the State so driving to far off places has been occupying much of my time. In the last couple of months my cars have been getting their wheels run off as each trip to Poughkeepsie puts another three hundred miles on the odometer. I'm not up for a three hundred mile ride in six or seven hours so the bikes have lain dormant for much of the time. Commutes to work on two wheels have been foiled by rain so even short rides have not taken place.

This weekend is Memorial Day and I just might take the plunge. I'm heading to Danbury and at one hundred and fifty miles each way we should be able to handle that. I just have to decide which vehicle gets the honor. The Big Kawasaki should eat that up while the big scooter is equally as capable. The Honda Rebel is also the perfect choice and is equipped with a wind screen and saddle bags. There are thunderstorms in the forecast so that might foil all plans to ride but hopefully I can travel between the drops.

Any long distance runs will be reported here so I may have a good story for you next week. Stay tuned.