I went a long time without hearing from anybody commenting on this site but I just got a second, ok maybe third, message.

Hey Jim, I read just about every post you've put out about you're Roketta and just had to grab one for myself. I think it's a shame that the US no longer embraces small displacement engines in our current situation. But I digress, Bike just arrived and I was wondering if you had any tips and tricks you could pass on the a guy. At 21 I'm looking forward to finally get into the motorcycle game, let's hope Minnesota can give me a decent summer. Looking forward to your reply.

I've raved about my 50cc Cub clone at great length here and it has, so far, deserved it. Yes I agree that it's a shame that society hasn't latched onto small engined bikes and scooters but change is in the wind. I just read that Honda is going to sell a 125cc mini motorcycle called the Grom in 2014. It should sell like crazy in urban areas where tight traffic makes a quick, small, light bike desirable. My only complaint about it is that it will sell for $3000. There are similar Chinese motorcycles for half that cost. If my experience with a small Chinese motorcycle is any indication they should last and perform almost as well as their Japanese counterpart. It would be an even surer thing if reputable shops started selling small Chinese bikes, but that's a long way off.
Good luck with the Cub clone, I'm sure you'll love it. I hope they catch on even more, it would boost the image of Chinese machines considerably.
My hands now have that unmistakeable scent of used oil. I just did an oil change on the big scooter and it was long overdue. I've been running Mobil 1 in it as it can be found at reasonable prices if you look around and it has a good reputation. I just changed the oil in the 50cc bike last week and replaced the cheap oil in it with NAPA synthetic. Hopefully it will ensure a long life. The only bike left now is my wife's Rebel and I'm thinking it's due for a better oil too. I think I'll try the Napa synthetic in that too. It runs at a lot of RPMs so a good oil can only help. Stay tuned for the slimy hands story when I do that.